Join the new Community Elite Lobby!

Hello everyone,

To bring more map diversity in the ShootMania: Elite mode, we have decided to open a community map matchmaking lobby powered only by community maps, thanks to ManiaExchange. This lobby is dedicated for experienced players, but all are welcome to try out the community lobby!

Every Tuesday, three new maps designed by the community will be added to the maplist with the three top maps of the previous rotation.

In addition, the map with the highest karma rank of the previous rotation will stay for one more week, which brings the total community maplist to seven maps on the lobby each week.

For this first rotation, we will start with the following maps:

  • Elite – Endorphin by basbaas Elite_Endorphin

  • Elite – Execution by SoprahElite - Execution

  • Elite – Psygnosis – MMC by MrAElite - Psygnosis

  • Elite – ThunderEdge – MMC by PapyChampyElite - ThunderEdge

  • Elite – Tilt Pro by WabbitfaceElite - Tilt Pro

For next week’s rotation, please go on the ManiaExchange forum to submit your map(s) and vote.

We hope to see great new maps in the future!

Have fun!