Play competitively on ShootMania Elite

Hello everyone,

With the release of the Elite Guest Access system, some of you may be interested in playing ShootMania in a more “serious” environment. That’s why we wanted to take this oppurtunity to highlight several websites and upcoming events which may wish to know more about.


If you’re looking to improve your ShootMania skills (especially Elite), do you know the best place to get advice from some of the top Elite players? eGG-one school allows you to train one-on-one with players like soOn and moonL from aAa, and strenx from Fnatic. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be able to quickly improve your skills when playing with some of the best ShootMania players.


Some of you may also be aware of the website “Seek-Team”, where you can use to find or create a team to play Elite with. This website includes additional information regarding the player or team, such as their level or specialties [leader, strategy caller, content creator, etc.]. Additionally, you can filter your results to make finding the perfect person that much easier.


Once you’ve improved your skills and gathered your team, it’s time to start entering some competitions, like taking part in LeetGamerZ, a gamer community currently organizing competitions for several games including ShootMania. Every Tuesday, you’ll be able to compete for the chance to win glory and a small cash prize.


Another great place to compete in ShootMania is with the ESL, which hosts multiple tournaments on a regular basis like the Go4 Cups, the Elite SUmmer Cup, and the A-Series as examples. We encourage you to check out the ESL ShootMania portal for all the information.


You may also want to check out, an online competition site that is currently organizing an upcoming Elite Competition featuring a King of the Hill variant, with many of the top teams already planning to compete. Make your way to the top and try to stay there as long as possible!


If you prefer grassroot events, coming soon there will be the Insomnia i49 at the end of August in the UK which will feature an Elite and Joust competition. For more information, we encourage you to visit their website.


And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! There are plenty of other ShootMania competitions like the Zotac Cup or the Krazy Kup which utilizies the Combo mode.

So now that you have everything you need to improve your skills, build your team, enter the arena, and above all else – have fun in the game!