ShootMania is launched, join the party !

Today is the big day we’ve all been waiting for since ShootMania welcomed its first external players in closed alpha phase. Today, ShootMania Storm is officially launched !

That calls for celebration don’t you think ? So don’t forget the ShootMania 4 All Launch Party happening all around the world today. Check out the various live events over there, and if you can’t join any of them, don’t forget to join us online on the O’GamingTV and FragDolls livestreams !

So, ShootMania is out of beta, and is now available for purchase on, Steam, UPlay and other digital retailers. Spread the word and invite your friends to join the party.


If you took part in the closed or open beta events but have not bought the game before the April 10th, today your account will be converted to a trial account, and you will only have access to the Elite and Royal game modes. To gain back access to all the game modes and possibilities of ShootMania and ManiaPlanet, all you need is to purchase a full copy of ShootMania Storm and add the key to your account.

Note that for the time being, it is impossible for new players to create a trial account. All new players who would like to join the community need to buy a copy of ShootMania Storm. Free trial accounts with access to Elite and Royal will come back in the future along with more updates of the game.

This is only the beginning ! We have a lot of plans for future updates of ShootMania that we’ll expose here when the time comes. We thank you for the continued support you provided us through the alpha and beta phases of the game: enjoy the launch part, and see you in game !

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