PAX Prime ShootMania Map Making Competition starts today!

Competition ShootMania Maps requested for PAX !  Get a chance to be sent to PAX to present your selfmade map and see pro-players fight on it!

You have awesome maps ideas in mind you’d like to create for ShootMania? You want to see pro-shooters players running around your map while at PAX? Then, this competition is made for you! Send your map and join the ShootMania event @PAX!

WHat are the requirements for your Maps?

Competition Maps:

  • maps have to be correctly validated
  • name: “PAX-‘name'” use what you want for ‘name’
  • no special characters in the map name
  • modes: Siege, Elite, Battle, Heroes, and SpeedBall
  • the maps are not uploaded anywhere
  • Intros & Outros are forbidden
  • the maps were not used in any competition
  • the maps are just known by yourself

Send the maps to the following email address: (email will be accessible beginning of next week)
Please use the following style for your mail subject “Maps – PAX – *your nickname*” and specify in the email your first name, last name and city you live in, else your mail may be missed.

Full rules can be found here: