The qualifiers for the Op3n ShootMania GamesCom tournament are…

Hello everyone,

Qualifying for the Op3n ShootMania tournament has been very competitive towards the end of last week, but now it’s over. It’s time to reveal you the teams who have successfully gained a place in the tournament.

  • Millenium (Strenx, aKm, theK1ng)

  • colwn (Stermy, Winz, link1n)

  • Dignitas (Zaccubus, Kowa, GaRpY, nvc)

  • redWave (OuTrag3, Kryw, XSOO)

With these teams competing we can guarantee the level of the competition will be very high! Though the qualifications for the Op3n are not completely over, there will be one last chance at GamesCom, before the final phase of the tournament.

The final qualification phase will allow four more teams to compete in the Op3n ShootMania GamesCom tournament which will take place during the event.Be prepared to follow the rest of the competition during GamesCom, it’s gearing up to be a great show! GamesCom will be held from 16th to 19th August. We hope to see you at the Ubisoft and ESL booths!