The Platform Pack is available!

Hello everyone,

Ever wanted to drive improbable tracks, making maneuvers from heights and speeds unimaginable… then you actually complete the track in a single run? If so, the Platform Pack  is for you!This new campaign, composed of 23 tracks will require extreme self control and skill and persistence to finish!

With a challenge this difficult, we wish to reward the first player that finishes the campaign. The challenge is simple *evil laugh*, you have to finish the last track, “Ultimate Nightmare”, without respawn (by doing a zero-fault) then to send the replay (by default “R” to save a replay) just before the finish line (or just after it), to

The first player to successfully send their replay and have it validated by the NADEO Live team will have it broadcast on the official ManiaPlanet YouTube channel. But that’s not all… The King (or Queen) of the Ultimate Nightmare will win a 5 Player Pack of new ShootMania Storm!Don’t delay and get the “Platform Pack” from your ManiaPlanet library for free now!

Good luck  everyone!