Review of the Gamers Assembly

Hello everyone,

The Gamers Assembly finished a month ago and we still have fond memories from the entire weekend. Firstly, we would like to thank the Gamers Assembly staff,  gamers and visitors for your help, support and the atmosphere created at the Shootmania Booth.

The Op3N ShootMania tournament was hotly contested! The combination of highly skilled gameplay and audience reaction made for a great show. We congratulate the teams that reached the finals (from first to fourth place) :

  1. aAa.oldschool (sunscorcher, Winz and Raoul), champions of the Op3N tournament
  2. allstars (HaRts, MoMaN and Strenx)
  3. Epsilon TF2 (Mitsy, basH and Stefan)
  4. Branque (skyyart, l’homme platré and OuTrag3)

A big GG to the aAa.oldschool for imposing their skill during the competition and becoming the first Op3n Shootmania Champions.

A special thanks to the “Grr” for their sportsmanship, even if they missed magic potion (don’t forget the cauldron next time!) Also thanks to ZeratoR for igniting the booth with great energy during games. But beware, we’ll beat you on the next game Glasses-Man!

Is wasn’t only ShootMania at the Gamers Assembly, TrackMania was also present with three tournaments (TrackMania Nations Forever, TrackMania United Forever and TrackMania² Canyon). All three tournaments were very close with great atmosphere. Congratulations YoYo for taking the first place on TMNF, Kaka on TMUF and Waaam on TrackMania² Canyon!

Go check the page of the results of the Gamers Assembly to see a video, photos and stats of the tournament:

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