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TrackMania² Canyon ?

Los Angeles, Tuesday 7 June – 2 pm

Install, Gamepads are plugged, everything is ready to welcome the first players.

The Doc and The K are with us, they tested the game and they seem to liking it, but well, we want to have the first impressions from players, from racers, those who perpetuate TrackMania’s tradition with Canyon, racing with a simple and fun game,  with an online experience full of diversity.

Los Angeles, Thursday, 9 June  – 6 pm
Intense three days where we saw that the game works well: the booth with its 8 pods was always full, plenty of journalists came, The Doc and The K are still on board, they haven’t disavowed us 🙂

But finally what is TM ² Canyon? A little of Stadium with Bay, a drop of Coast and something of Desert? No, TM² Canyon is TM ² Canyon, a different environment with its features, its techniques, its gameplay.

TM ² Canyon is the pleasure of riding full speed ahead, in the open spaces of the North american desert in a car slightly heavy and with a surprisingly fast acceleration.

Winding roads where rocks can become tricky obstacles, tracks on the mountainside where one  steering mistake may send you crashing 200m below, tunnels ensuring a dizzying speed, and of course wall-rides and loops as fun as unpredictable, everything is there to keep the spirit of racing and a tight control over your car.

And what about skills? Sometimes the right path won’t be enough, you will have to use and, above all, master the drift which, soon you will see, is very important, when speed and curves unite, to win the precious thousandths needed for your victory.

After my intensive training with The Doc & The K at E3, I am looking forward to racing with you on the roads of the Canyon !

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ManiaPlanet @ E3 2011 (June 7-9th)

Hi everyone!

Exciting time for us: We will be at E3 next Monday! It is the very first time for one of our game to be presented at this big event, and so we are thrilled and impatient about it. It is great opportunity to showcase the game, and we will present a new trailer as well.

Pepita and Annki will be speaking about ManiaPlanet and TrackMania² Canyon at the Ubisoft conference, starting Monday June 6 at 2:30pm LA Time (UTC-8).  You can follow the conference streaming here:

Watch Ubisoft conference on Uplay

Starting at:

2:30pm LA Time (UTC-8)

5:30pm NY Time (UTC-5)

10:30pm London Time

23:30 Paris Time (UTC+1)

June 7th 01:30 Moscow Time (UTC+3)


After the conference, we will be animating the TrackMania² Canyon booth, composed of 8 pods demoing the game for journalists, and a large screen showing up the trailer and some in-game footage.   FragDolls and 2 players from TrackMania US community will be joining us on the booth from Tuesday to Thursday to help us demoing the game.

We will keep you updated about our best moments over there!

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