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NitroGuy wins the Map Contest for PAX!

Congratulations to all participants for their proposed maps. We had a lot of good content to review from!

Here is the map making contest winner:

NitroGuy with his Elite map : “Rockets and rails”. He’ll come over @PAX to talk about his map and how he made it!

Runners up are below: Thanks for your contribution! Your names will definitively be cited while at PAX in front of the crowd at the Ubisoft booth.


IPL ShootMania @PAX qualifiers!

IGN Sports League is now officially supporting ShootMania in the US!

They are currently streaming ShootMania PAX Qualifiers on their IPL site. Next live stream starts tomorrow @5pm Pacific Time

They also have a dedicated ShootMania page:

There is a current Beta key giveaway on their site:

Here is the latest recap of the first round of qualifiers that happened yesterday in case you missed it!

PAX Prime ShootMania Map Making Competition starts today!

Competition ShootMania Maps requested for PAX !  Get a chance to be sent to PAX to present your selfmade map and see pro-players fight on it!

You have awesome maps ideas in mind you’d like to create for ShootMania? You want to see pro-shooters players running around your map while at PAX? Then, this competition is made for you! Send your map and join the ShootMania event @PAX!

WHat are the requirements for your Maps?

Competition Maps:

  • maps have to be correctly validated
  • name: “PAX-‘name'” use what you want for ‘name’
  • no special characters in the map name
  • modes: Siege, Elite, Battle, Heroes, and SpeedBall
  • the maps are not uploaded anywhere
  • Intros & Outros are forbidden
  • the maps were not used in any competition
  • the maps are just known by yourself

Send the maps to the following email address: (email will be accessible beginning of next week)
Please use the following style for your mail subject “Maps – PAX – *your nickname*” and specify in the email your first name, last name and city you live in, else your mail may be missed.

Full rules can be found here:

ManiaPlanet, a story that has just begun

Hi everyone,

It’s been an incredible ride since the beginning of the ShootMania alpha and beta, and today during the Ubisoft Press Conference taking place at GamesCom in Germany, we took a moment to look back at what YOU, the players, have achieved.

But this is just the beginning, and we have great plans for the development of ManiaPlanet, big news that will bring players of TrackMania and ShootMania from all around the world, together in their love of competitive gaming. We’re not quite ready to talk about it yet, but you can already set the date: in November of this year, during the ESWC competition in Paris, Nadeo will hold a press conference to tell you more about it.

In the meantime, we continue to work very hard on the development of ManiaPlanet and on taking over the world of competitive gaming and eSports with ShootMania and TrackMania. Lots of things are happening every week on ManiaPlanet, so watch this space, and don’t hesitate to share the spirit around you !

ShootMania at GamesCom 2012

From 15th to 19th, ShootMania Storm will be at Gamescom in Köln (Germany), the world’s largest traid fair and event high light for interactive games and entertainment.


On August 15th, ShootMania will be part of Ubisoft press conference dedicated to online and esport line up.

During this conference, 2 top teams will play a showmatch on ShootMania Storm Elite mode, which will be shoutcasted by the famous Joe Miller.

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Op3n Shootmania GamesCom tournament: Last Chance Qualifier!

As we said in the previous news, the online qualifiers are finally over ! Now, we know the name of the first 4 teams that will participate at the Op3n ShootMania finals at the Gamescom, which will be held the 17th August.

Four other teams will have a chance to join our already qualified teams for the finals on August, 17th.

So if you have not been given the opportunity to participate in our on-line qualifiers or if you were simply unlucky, you still have a chance to qualify your team for the finals by participating in the final qualifier which will be held Thursday, 16th August at the Gamescom.

This last qualifier will only include 16 teams. The best four of them win their place for the finals, which are going to be held the next day.

So, if you have the opportunity to go to Cologne and if you want to register your team for this “last chance” qualifier, here is how we will proceed:

8 teams will be selected by ESL & Nadeo according to various criteria, the results obtained during the four qualifiers. They will be contacted shortly.

8 other teams will be selected via a random drawing which will be held Friday, 10th August. Of course, if you want to give your team a chance to be selected, you must register.

Register your team for the random drawing here!

The signup will be close Friday 10th of August, at 15.00 CEST.

See you this Friday, to find out the names of the 16 teams who are going to participate in the Qualifier on August 16th at the Gamescom!

Source: ESL

The qualifiers for the Op3n ShootMania GamesCom tournament are…

Hello everyone,

Qualifying for the Op3n ShootMania tournament has been very competitive towards the end of last week, but now it’s over. It’s time to reveal you the teams who have successfully gained a place in the tournament.

  • Millenium (Strenx, aKm, theK1ng)

  • colwn (Stermy, Winz, link1n)

  • Dignitas (Zaccubus, Kowa, GaRpY, nvc)

  • redWave (OuTrag3, Kryw, XSOO)

With these teams competing we can guarantee the level of the competition will be very high! Though the qualifications for the Op3n are not completely over, there will be one last chance at GamesCom, before the final phase of the tournament.

The final qualification phase will allow four more teams to compete in the Op3n ShootMania GamesCom tournament which will take place during the event.Be prepared to follow the rest of the competition during GamesCom, it’s gearing up to be a great show! GamesCom will be held from 16th to 19th August. We hope to see you at the Ubisoft and ESL booths!