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The schedule of the Gamers Assembly

Greetings Maniacs!

This weekend (from 19 to 21 April 2014), the Gamers Assembly 2014 will be taking place for three days of competition and fun, featuring ShootMania and TrackMania.

ShootMania Storm was launched a year ago and it is a great privilege to meet you all to celebrate this first anniversary. Florent “Hylis” Castelnérac, Nadeo Managing Director and the ManiaPlanet Community Manager “Alinoa” will both be present.

This event includes:

1- Competitions :

  • ShootMania Storm : Elite, gathering 40 teams coming from all Europe
    The program is here playing the first match on Saturday at 1PM (French time) and the Grand Finale on Monday at noon.

  • TrackMania² Stadium : Time attack with 32 players
    The program is here featuring a first match on Saturday at 1PM and the Grand Finale on Sunday at noon (French time).

  • TrackMania² Stadium on Dirt : new feature for this edition of Gamers Assembly! For the first time, TrackMania will be played on Dirt environment. 24 players on the start line.
    The program is here featuring a Grand Finale on Sunday at 11AM right before the TrackMania² Stadium Finale.

All matches are live casted on Drakonia TV:

A big thank to Alienware and Sandisk for their support and prizes they grant the winners!


2- The gaming zone:


This year, Achat Mania and Nadeo have chosen to highlight ShootMania, featuring the 2 famous “Battle” and “Royal” gaming modes on Achat Mania booth.

‘Smoothie’ and ‘Tommy the Cat’, 2 members of the glorious Drakonia team and ‘Alinoa’ from Nadeo will be part on hand to talk with you about the game and give you small gifts.

3- Surprises :

At the opening ceremony of the Gamers Assembly, Florent ‘Hylis’ Castelnérac will take a few minutes to give you an overview of developments at Nadeo for ManiaPlanet!

Stay tuned on the GA web TV:

Live Gamers Assembly 2014 par gamersassembly

hop, hop ! Highly Saturday :-)

See you there at Poitiers or line!

Nadeo team


Elite Maps of the Week #5

Hello everyone,

It’s time for the new rotation of the Maps of the Week but first let see the result of the last week:

  • Radiance – 76% (106 votes)
  • Vøid’ – 76% (130 votes)
  • BozBonga – 75% (101 votes)
  • RedEvening – 72% (126 votes)
  • Mini Kabul – 71% (115 votes)
  • Harbor – 67% (130 votes)
  • Coiled Snake at NIGHT2 – 66% (102 votes)

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Elite Maps of the Week #3

Hello everyone,

It’s time for the new rotation of the Maps of the Week but first let see the result of the last week:

% Positive

Number of Votes







Tilt Pro






Coiled Snake at NIGHT2






Get Lucky

As you can see, Execution is the map of the week. Endorphin, Execution and Get Lucky will be removed from the maplist.

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Elite Maps of the Week #2

Hello everyone,

It’s time for the new rotation of the Maps of the Week but first let see the result of the last week:

Final score







Tilt Pro








Psygnosis – MMC








ThunderEdge – MMC

As you can see, Tilt Pro will be on the lobby one more week. On the other hand, ThunderEdge and Psygnosis will be removed from the maplist.

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The ShootMania Storm Elite Demo is open, win a PlayStation 4!

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce that the ShootMania: Storm Elite Demo is now open to everyone!

The demo can be downloaded here:


Moreover, to celebrate the relauch of the demo, Nadeo is running two competitions until October 31st: Players who play ShootMania demo can win one PlayStation 4, and many chances to win ShootMania Storm VIP access per day.


You can get more details about the rules of the competitions here:

Finally, interested gamers can take advantage of a special 50% discount in ShootMania’s price, until the 31st of October.


Enough talk, go have fun with all your mates on ShootMania and you might be the lucky one who will win the PS4.

Good Luck & more than anything Have FUN!

10 years already…And it’s just the beginning!

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know: in two months we’ll be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Trackmania! Yes, already 10 years! 10 years of laughter, tears, friendship, 10 years of creations, of posting on the forums, 10 years of videos, skins, competitions, 10 years of sharing, all of it taking place on the TrackMania tracks!


While you’ll have to spectate on what all we have planned, we will be organizing a big Lan Party all around the world, just like we did with the ShootMania 4 All Launch Party. If you would like to host one of these LAN events that will be held at the end of November 2013, please contact us. We’ll hook you up with some TrackMania swag as well as game keys alongside featuring your event as part of this great celebration. You only need to send an email to: with your full address [including a phone number], the location of your event and the number of people expected.

In the same way, if you want to organize an online competition on the 10 years Anniversary of TrackMania theme, you can contact us at the same address.

10 years already! Be ready to party! At Nadeo, we can’t wait :-)

Thank you and see you very soon!

Get Maniaplanet titles at 50% off this week!

Hello everyone,

We have some exciting news to announce – for one week only, get some of your favorite ManiaPlanet titles on sale on uPlay and our store!


From today until August 18th, you can get TrackMania² Canyon, TrackMania² Stadium and ShootMania Storm at 50%. You will have until 11:59 PM [CEST for UK/Europe, PDT for North America] to take advantage of this offer.

Remember that you can also use the keys on Steam!

So head to uPlay or our store to enjoy this limited offer!

Have fun and see you ingame!